Dragon Boat team at practice on a river

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes dragon boating fun and appealing?

Dragon boating is for everyone! It is a fun way to build strength, cardio, and coordination (timing is everything!) as you participate in a team building sport. Also, it takes place outside, where you can appreciate nature as it changes during spring, summer, and fall. Dragon boaters are supportive of each other, and of other teams at race events.  Nature + camaraderie + competition = a great experience!

Who can join a dragon boat team?

Any athlete can join the team who is age 14 or older.  We are open to all ages, and all athletic abilities.  We don’t discriminate based on gender, gender identity, religion, ability.  Because we are a small team, our practices are for all athletes.  Larger teams are able to have some specific teams during training and at competitions.  For example, blind/visually impaired, breast cancer survivors, all cancer survivors, mens, womens, mixed, open, youth, and para dragons are just some of the examples.

Where does the team train?

Our team trains on the John Day River, just east of the town of Astoria.  

When are the practices?

Our season runs from April through October due to weather and tidal conditions.  Currently our practices are 6-7 PM on Wednesday evenings, and 8:30-9:30 AM on Saturday mornings.  Watch this site for actual start dates.

Where does the team race?

In our first year, we will race somewhat locally; however, dragon boat racing takes place both nationally and internationally.  Club Crew teams in the Pacific Northwest may travel locally to Portland, Salem, or Ridgefield, Washington.  International trips might be to Nanaimo, B.C. or Vancouver, B.C.  in Canada. As they develop, teams may plan trips all over the US and the world.  Individuals who excel at the sport may participate in the selection process to join Team USA and compete for the national team as well.  The options are endless! 

When we race, our boat stays at our dock, and we use vendor-provided boats at the race site that have the dragon head on the prow and the dragon tail at the stern.

Who are the governing bodies of dragon boating?

At the top of the organizational chart is the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) , which is the world governing body of dragon sport. 

Below that is the Pan American Dragon Boat Federation (PADBF), which represents North and South America to the IDBF.

Below that is the USDragon Boat Federation, which is the governing body for the United States, and which oversees the four geographical regions of the United State dragon boating sport.

Finally, the geographical region that represents us is the Pacific Dragon Boat Association (PDBA) representing nine western states including Oregon. For a good visual of the governing bodies and their oversight areas, go to this link hosted by the Pacific Dragon Boat Association.

How do I find out more about North Coast Paddling Club?

Go to the Contact Page and leave your contact information with a short note about your interest in the team.  We will reach out once things are up and running!

Is North Coast Paddling Club a non-profit?

North Coast Paddling Club is currently classified as a “Domestic Nonprofit Corporation” in the State of Oregon, and is currently pursuing certification as a 501(c)3 with the IRS.

Our Employee Identification Number is: 93-1880656